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What does Bizeo do?

iPad with Bizeo interface and iPhone with red Bizeo indicator


Dashboards and reports help you analyse and improve your business's performance. This ability is compromised when you end up with dozens of dashboards and reporting systems you have to check regularly.

Bizeo sits on top of all your business systems and gives you ALL the numbers, trends and comparisons you need in one place, anytime, anywhere.

iPad with Bizeo interface and iPhone with red Bizeo indicator

Risk Reduction

Bizeo helps manage and reduce the risk involved in business operations by providing real time monitoring of every aspect of your operations. The only thing worse than something going wrong is not knowing about it.

Bizeo watches all of your business systems and lets you know the moment something unexpected happens. Running out of stock? Spent too much on your Google campaign? Debtors out of hand? How much time could you save each day if Bizeo was on top of things?

Hand holding an iPhone showing green Bizeo monitor


The key to Bizeo's power is its simplicity. No doubt you have a myriad of dashboards, business intelligence tools and reports available to you but their capabilities often create unnecessary complexity. Bizeo’s single indicator can monitor hundreds or even thousands of factors. Your business at a glance.

Computer sending data to Bizeo Drone Cloud then sending data to iPad

How does Bizeo work?

Bizeo uses patent pending technology to extract metrics from virtually anywhere in the world. Now all of the metrics from your accounting, HR, social media, websites, ecommerce and other systems can all be aggregated into one easy to access system.

From one person operations to major multi-nationals, one location to thousands in any industry Bizeo can help you improve your operations, get on top of complexity and manage your risk.

  • Microsoft Access
  • .

  • Alexa
  • Arduino
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • MailChimp
  • Ninja Block
  • ODBC
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Twitter
  • Xero
  • Xively
  • ZigBee

Who uses Bizeo?

Bizeo is designed for businesses of all types and sizes to get on top of their performance metrics. Whether you run a café or a multinational, have one location or thousands, if you are numbers driven, Bizeo is for you. Just see what some of our customers are saying about us:

  • "For business owners whose business sustainability is reliant on providing a reliable service to their clients, Bizeo offers a unique means of achieving peace of mind."

    Joe Barnewall, Managing Director - Langano Business Strategists

  • "Having worked with numerous monitoring solutions, the simplest and most versatile solution I have found is Bizeo, which is why I now structure my solutions around it. The business intelligence you can create is incredible."

    William Gebers, CEO - Machine IQ

  • "Real data collected and collated the way I want."

    Gerard Rozario, CEO – Bootstrap IT

  • "Bizeo places practical real time cost effective business monitoring in the hands of SME leaders and owners worldwide for the first time."

    Joe Barnewall, Managing Director - Langano Business Strategists

  • "We keep a careful watch on competition in business productivity software. I have not, to date, seen anything like Bizeo."

    John Lowry, CEO - Lowry Consulting Pty Ltd

  • "Everyone loved the fact that all this vital information was presented so simply, and we could access it day or night via the internet or on our phones."

    Gerard Rozario, CEO - Bootstrap IT

  • "I'm in love with Bizeo already!"

    Julia Senior, Fundraising Manager - MS Queensland

How do I get Bizeo?

Great news! The basic version of Bizeo is now completely free. Now you can set up your own Bizeo account and watch all of your critical business systems. If your needs grow, you can upgrade at any time to add more KPIs and more locations Bizeo can pick up data from.

There are no ads, and no time limitations. Click here to register and get up and running with Bizeo now!

Larger corporations will want our Corporate or Enterprise editions with their flexible user level security and support for up to thousands of locations. To find out more visit our pricing page.

Bizeo Partners

Bizeo can measure and monitor almost anything, but sometimes you want some professional advice. The Bizeo partner program is made up of specialists from dozens of industries.

Our Bizeo partners can help you set up Bizeo and provide you with great advice on how to improve your business operations and manage your risk so you'll perform better and sleep better.