What is Bizeo?

A short overview of what Bizeo does and how it could help you.

How Bizeo Works

Wondering how Bizeo connects to your data? Watch this video for a short overview of the technology behind Bizeo.

Adding New KPIs

How to get started adding your own KPIs to your Bizeo account.

Bizeo in Action

An overview of some of Bizeo's features.

Bizeo and Xero

Xero is one of the fastest-growing cloud accounting packages in the world. Learn how Bizeo can connect to Xero to simplify your accounting.

Bizeo Security

Learn how Bizeo keeps your data secure.

Reducing Stress

It's common for business owners and managers to feel stressed about work. Bizeo can simplify things to give you peace of mind.

Bizeo Folders

How to work with folders in your Bizeo account.

Introduction to Graphing

An overview of Bizeo's graphing features.

Advanced Graphing

An overview of the benefits of Bizeo's advanced graphing features.

Bizeo Trend Indicators

One of the major areas of KPI monitoring is watching trends. Bizeo can help!

Shared KPI Data Sources

How to share KPIs across multiple Bizeo accounts.

Shared Folder Data Sources

How to share folders across multiple Bizeo accounts.

Bizeo Excel Importer

How to use Bizeo's Excel Importer Add-In to import existing data into Bizeo from your Excel spreadsheets.