Become a Bizeo reseller

Become a Bizeo reseller

You can benefit from the success of Bizeo by joining the Bizeo reseller network.

You can add a great ongoing revenue stream to you, your business or chosen charity simply by promoting Bizeo to your existing network of business customers and prospects.

Becoming a Bizeo reseller is a win-win-win opportunity!

Becoming a Bizeo reseller is easy!

  1. Click here to apply to join the Bizeo reseller network. A small $99 administration fee applies, which is refunded if your application is unsuccessful.
  2. Once accepted to the Bizeo reseller network you'll receive your own landing page URL and a coupon code to give to clients. Any new Bizeo customers who sign up using this landing page or coupon code will be attributed to you.
  3. Every month, Bizeo will send you a report on your customers and pay you either an upfront commission or an ongoing commission for up to two years on each Bizeo subscription.

It's that easy! You can have a great new source of income, and make your customers' businesses more efficient and streamlined. Your customers will thank you for putting them on to Bizeo.

What are you waiting for? Click here to become a Bizeo reseller now.

FAQ for Bizeo Resellers