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There are some situations where you receive metrics sent to you via email. For example, many banking systems include an option to have your bank balance emailed to you on a daily basis. Sales pipeline systems can send you regular emails giving you sales statistics, and a lot of device monitoring systems do likewise.

The way you normally handle these situations if you want to record the history of these metrics is to have somebody manually open the email, extract the data and type it in to a spread sheet. Fortunately with Bizeo there is a much better way.

Bizeo supports a facility where you can direct these emails to Bizeo and Bizeo will automatically read the emails, extract the metrics you are looking for and automatically record them within Bizeo. There are some limitations in this process. The emails must be sent in a reasonably consistent format (not changing dramatically each time) and some HTML-based emails may be too complex for Bizeo to read. However Bizeo can handle most email formats.

There are a few steps to setting up this process.

  1. Configure your system or device to send you the emails.
  2. Setup an external KPI within Bizeo.
  3. Direct the email notifications to your Bizeo task.

The complete instructions for this process can be found here.

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