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Bizeo's Microsoft Excel Importer is a Microsoft Excel Add-In that can be used to import pre-existing Microsoft Excel data into a Bizeo task.

Installing the Microsoft Excel Importer

  1. If Excel is running on your computer, close it down before installing the Add-In.
  2. You may need administrator access to install the Add-In. Check with your network administrator/IT staff to make sure your Windows account has administrator rights or ask for installation assistance.
  3. For the installation to be successful it requires that you have an Excel version of 2007 or later in 32-bit.
  4. Click the 'Download' button to begin the download of the installer file. Run the installer file and follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Using the Microsoft Excel Importer

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  1. Create a task in Bizeo which you will import your data to.
  2. Open the Excel file that you wish to import and highlight the 3 columns associated with the Date, Time and Value.
  3. Press Ctrl + Alt + B to start the Bizeo Excel Importer Add-In.
  4. Enter your Bizeo Username & Password and click 'Authenticate'.
  5. Select the Folder and Task you wish to import this data to.
  6. The range of cells you wish to import should be pre-filled but you can alter this if needed.
  7. If the first row of cells contains column headings, tick the box at the bottom of the page, otherwise this can be defined later in the process.
  8. Click the Next button.
  9. You will need to make sure the date, time and value columns are correctly assigned. If you ticked the box on the previous screen your columns may have been automatically assigned by Excel. Ensure that the headings are properly allocated. If this hasn’t been automatically figured out you will need to specify which columns contain what data. E.g. Column 1 is the Date field.
  10. Click Finish. You will be presented with a message letting you know how many rows were inserted.
  11. Open your Bizeo account and check your task, and you will see your imported data.