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Setting up a Manual KPI

When adding a new task in Bizeo:

  1. Navigate to the folder you wish to add your task to.
  2. Select 'Add a task to this folder' from the drop down menu.
  3. Select the Drone "Cloud Drone".
  4. Select the Data Source "Manual KPI".
  5. Enter the email address of the person who will be entering data for this KPI.
  6. Enter the Request Header. This will display as the subject line in the recipient's email inbox.
  7. Enter the Request Body. This will be a message that will appear within the email body, letting the person know what they need to do.
  8. Finish setting up the task. The checking period will determine how often the manual KPI data input request emails are sent. E.g. If you set this to once a day, the person you've specified will receive an email once each day asking them to input data. In the email is a link which the person will click on to go to the manual KPI update page and enter the latest value.
  9. Repeat for each manual KPI you want to monitor.